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~ Prairie Fire Pointers ~
Our Dogs


It's not rocket science folks, it's genetics... and while we strive to create litters of supreme genetic quality, that only gets you so far. Genetics will make the dog, but birds make a bird dog. There is no substitute. Here at Prairie Fire Pointers, our dogs see ALOT of birds. We not only run our dogs on wild birds for recreational hunting, but we also utilize them as guide dogs on some of the local CSAs (Contolled Shooting Areas). Our dogs point and retrieve hundreds of birds every year. Due to the rapid accumulation of experience in a relatively short period of time, our dogs become very, very good bird dogs. Invest in your hunting future. Give us a call today. We'd love to earn your business!




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"Ninnescah Cy"

This is where it all began for Prairie Fire Pointers - my first English Pointer. Cy (Pronounced "Sigh") is built like a horse - a large 65-pound Elhew Pointer, yet lean and muscled. He is an absolute machine in the field - statuesqe, serious, and a determined hunter. Cy has proven himself here in the wild bird fields of Kansas, and is renowned for his ability to methodically track, pin, and point our elusive rooster pheasants. He is the anchor to my string of guide dogs, and is quite impressive to watch. Cy will give you his all afield, and yet he is also able to relax and be enjoyed as a companion in our home.  *Stud Fee $500 or negotiated pick(s)*



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"Double Tap"

"Double Tap" (Call name "Sam") is a line bred Fiddler dog. Her pedigree is outstanding, boasting 16 field trial champions in only 4 generations. This little female can haul the mail. She is a very classy, snappy, determined, and mentally tough bird dog. She is absolutely beautiful to watch afield.  Sam consistently produces amazing offspring.



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"Pride of the Prairie"

"Rousey" is the next generation of tightly line bred Fiddler blood in our kennel. She is bred remarkably well. Her pedigree contains some of the tightest and most pure Fiddlin' Rocky Boy blood in the nation. Rousey will be replacing her mother "Sam" (pictured above) when we retire her from raising litters. "Roo" as we often call her is seething with staunchness and birdiness. She is currently 30 mos old, has 2 full seasons of hunting and guiding under her belt, and is a completely finished (Broke) bird dog.  Rousey Points staunch, Honors (Backs), and Retrieves to hand like a well trained lab. In sum, she is a classy little dog.




Sooner, or "Boom" as we usually refer to him, is worth his weight in gold. He is an absolute machine, and pulls more than his share of weight whether in the upland bird fields, stubble fields or marshes. He'll work grass and point birds, retrieve ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, kids, and even the truck keys if you ask him to! He should be called the "Cripple King" as there isn't hardly ever an occasion where he doesn't find a crippled bird and retrieve it alive, and to hand.  We are truly blessed to have him as part of our family and kennel.