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We devote a great amount of time into raising a litter of puppies here at Prairie Fire Pointers. Our pups are born in a climate controlled kennel building and reared in the whelping box you see pictured. I personally built this box to my specifications after trial and error of previous litters. All of our puppies go through the Early Neurological Stimulation or "BIO SENSOR" program from their third day of life, until day 16. This, combined with plenty of maternal and human socialization and care is crucial in the physical, mental, and emotional development of the "Perfect Puppy."

For more info on our "Bio Sensor" program click the ENS link at the bottom of the page.





"Ninnescah Cy"   X   "Pride Of The Prairie"

Prairie Fire Pointers is pleased to announce that we have successfully bred our female "Pride Of The Prairie" to our foundation stud "Ninnescah Cy".  This litter was successfully carried to term and produced a litter of 11 healthy puppies; 6 females and 5 males on June 28th, 2016. 

We are extremely excited about this litter as both the sire and the dam are anchors on my string of upland guide dogs. Cy has been a wild bird dog all his life and a professional guide dog going into his 5th season. Rousey cut her teeth guiding hunts and was a completely broke dog at a year old. She seen more birds in her first year of life as a guide dog than Cy did in his first 5 years of life on just wild birds. The rapid accumulation of birds in such a high intensity, fast paced environment expedites the learning curve of a birddog tremendously. Birds make a birddog, Period. There is no subsitute.